A functional and pain-free upper limb is essential for modern work, sport and living.   The upper limb is comprised of several complex body regions including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

Shoulder and Elbow

Our team

Edinburgh Orthopaedics has a group of renowned surgeons who specialise in each of these areas and offer patients expert diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Beyond the clinical capabilities of the department, our surgeons have an active role in research with the publication of numerous peer-reviewed articles every year. As leaders in the research and understanding of upper limb conditions, Edinburgh Orthopaedics delivers patient centred care based on high level evidence. The shoulder and elbow teams at Edinburgh Orthopaedics specialise in both traumatic and progressive conditions affecting these joints.

Our work

Many surgeries in the shoulder can be performed arthroscopically (keyhole). Surgeries offered include:


  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • Arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction for instability
  • Arthroscopic decompression of the acromion
  • Arthroscopic excision of the acromioclavicluarl joint
  • Arthroscoic biceps tenodiesis
  • Arthroscopic release of the frozen shoulder
  • Anatomical shoulder replacement for arthritis
  • Reverse shoulder replacement for combined arthritis and rotator cuff tear
  • Fixation of fracture of the clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder blade) and humerus (upper arm bone)


  • Elbow replacement
  • Tennis elbow release
  • Golfers elbow release
  • Cubital tunnel release
  • Elbow arthrolysis ( removing scar tissue to improve movement)
  • Elbow arthroscopy
  • Fixation of elbow fractures
  • Stabilisation of elbow dislocations

Hand and wrist

Our team

The wrist and hand team at Edinburgh Orthopaedics specialise in trauma and post-traumatic conditions relating to the hand and wrist.

Our work

Early movement after injury or surgery is the goal of all treatments and allows us to maximise patient outcomes even in the context of complex injures and their sequelae. Surgeries offered include:

  • Fixation of wrist fractures
  • Fixation of complex hand and wrist fracture dislocations
  • Fixation of hand fractures
  • Arthroscopy of the wrist
  • Wrist and hand fusions to eliminate pain due to arthritis or injury
  • Tendon transfers to improve finger function