Who we are

Edinburgh Orthopaedics with the University of Edinburgh is one of the leading centres for academic and clinical orthopaedics, with an established and evolving group that delivers an integrated programme of basic science, translational and clinical research.  Our aims are to

  • Advance our knowledge through robust clinic trials and develop a pathway for 'bench to bedside' translational clinical trials with the University of Edinburgh
  • Build on partnerships with University of Edinburgh laboratories to generate world leading basic science research, including the research on novel biologic therapies
  • Evolve our expertise in prospective databases and strategic collaborations to develop and invest in world leading registries
  • Collaborate and lead future innovations in orthopaedics to optimise patient outcomes in trauma and elective surgery, including the role of robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery
  • Establish a centre of clinical and research excellence in sports medicine through the progression of established strategic relationships and collaborations


What we do

We produce high quality and clinically relevant research to improve patient experience and outcomes.  We have a well-recognised reputation for producing a high volume of quality orthopaedic research through our comprehensive research databases, as well as through the delivery of single centre and multi-centre randomised clinical trials.  Edinburgh has an established academic research programme for surgeons in training, with multiple higher degrees undertaken each year.  Current and previous research grant funders include the Wellcome Trust, CSO and NIHR/HTA.