Training Welcome

Teaching, training and supporting students, trainee doctors and professionals allied to orthopaedics is at the core of all of our activities. By providing first class education at all levels, we aim to inspire clinicians to deliver first class care to patients.

This begins at the Undergraduate Level. We have revolutionised the way in which medical students are taught, and their orthopaedic attachment is now the most highly rated of their entire clinical programme. We provide student elective and research opportunities over and above the undergraduate curriculum, and aim to welcome everyone with an interest in our specialty.

Once qualified, doctors apply to Foundation Training and we have adapted the day to day running of our departments to promote the training of these young doctors. Foundation Years doctors are also welcome to organise Taster Weeks to gain further experience and insight into the specialty.

We provide Specialty Training in trauma and orthopaedics in an eight-year programme as part of the South East Scotland rotation. Trainees have excellent exposure to the breadth of the specialty and are supported and nurtured to become confident, caring, competent surgeons. There are currently 36 training posts, most of which are based in Edinburgh but with rotations to Fife, Stirling and the Borders. The programme takes trainees through all of the subspecialties including arthroplasty, trauma, children’s orthopaedics, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, sports and spinal surgery, as well as posts in neurosurgery, plastic surgery and intensive care. There are ample opportunities to experience additional research or clinical experience either during the programme or in addition to it. We have a strong track record of trainees presenting their research both nationally and further afield!

The relatively small size of the training programme both geographically and numerically creates a uniquely close relationship between the trainees and the trainers. In turn, this allows the training experience to be tailored to individual trainee requirements and ambitions.

The Teaching Programme combines on hands-on, practical skills training with non-technical skills training, using a blend of virtual, cadaveric, simulated, one to one and small group learning.

Finally, we offer world-class Fellowships for surgeons towards the end of their training, in both trauma and arthroplasty subspecialities. They will join the international network of those who have trained in Edinburgh, and form long-lasting professional and personal relationships, which are so vital for the collaboration needed to improve patient care.

We value the input and impact of all of these individuals in our team, and hope to foster an environment of learning where we can all grow and achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.