Our team

The Arthroplasty Service at Edinburgh Orthopaedics is widely recognised for its expertise in hip and knee joint replacement and revision surgery. These procedures can alleviate pain and improve function and quality of life for patients who suffer from arthritis, fractures, childhood hip problems and other diseases. Our focus is on quality and we review every case that we perform at our weekly audit meeting, ensuring the highest standard of care is achieved for all of our patients.

Our work

Our specialised areas of training and expertise include:

  • Primary total hip replacement
  • Primary total knee replacement
  • Partial knee replacement
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis of the hip and knee
  • Arthritis secondary to childhood hip disorders
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Evaluation of painful joint replacement
  • Revision hip and knee replacement
  • Treatment of infected hip and knee replacement
  • Endoprosthetic joint replacement

Primary Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

In addition to leading the field in the number of hip and knee joint replacements surgeries performed each year, The Arthroplasty Service surgeons specialise in difficult joint replacements. Over the years we have pioneered techniques in hip and knee joint replacement surgery, in particular solutions for patients with complex

acetabular and femoral deformities. Our surgeons are constantly developing new surgical techniques and we are currently evaluating the role of robotic assisted joint replacement surgery.

Revision Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

The Arthroplasty Service at Edinburgh Orthopaedics is a tertiary referral centre for the assessment and treatment of patients with failing or infected hip and knee joint replacements. We work closely with musculoskeletal radiologists, microbiologists, infectious diseases physicians and pharmacists to offer expert evidence-based treatment that is specific to the individual patient’s needs. We perform high volume hip and knee joint revision surgery which has been shown to improve outcomes for our patients. Over the decades we have developed and published techniques to address difficult problems in revision surgery such as acetabular impaction grafting, techniques for removing well fixed cemented acetabular components, extensile approaches in revision surgery and short cemented stems in revision knee replacement.

Education and Training

Our track record of clinical excellence, innovation and training is reflected by our Arthroplasty Fellowship which attracts overseas surgeons who have completed their orthopaedic training and wish to gain additional sub-specialist experience in hip and knee replacement surgery. We also run a revision total knee replacement cadaveric course three times a year which attracts many international delegates and we have recently expanded the course to Australia. We also deliver online teaching in primary total knee replacement to surgeons all over the world.