Reynard Immelman

Name: Reynard Immelman

Year of fellowship: 2018

Type of fellowship: Lower Limb Arthroplasty

Summary of your fellowship:

‘This was without any doubt the best experience of my life. Both personally and professionally. The consultants really have so much experience in teaching, not only how to operate as in so many other institutions but teaching how to live your life as an orthopaedic surgeon and be successful in all aspects. Consultants are also great at adapting to the level of the fellow to allow you to get most out of the year. The academic and surgical part of the fellowship was fantastic, but the year was so much more. I would advise any motivated junior surgeon, no matter your level of experience, to consider Edinburgh.’

What were the best bits about your time in Edinburgh?

Theatre, Bacon rolls every morning, Burns Night!

Specific advice for prospective fellows: don’t stress. Just ask!

Where you are working now: Private practice. Pretoria, South Africa

Specialty: Arthroplasty

Would you be happy for prospective fellows to contact you for further info (if yes please state best email contact):

Reynard Immelman at Murrayfield stadium 2018