Olof Wolf

Name: Olof Wolf

Year of fellowship: 2012-13

Type of fellowship: Trauma/elective upper limb fellowship

Summary of your fellowship:

‘Great fellowship at a great time point for me. First 6 months in trauma with lots of procedures in shoulder and elbow including TSA/TEA for fracture. Following 6 months in elective but still upper extremity. Would have preferred trauma but no position offered. Still great experience with reconstructive procedures after dislocations, fractures etc.’

What were the best bits about your time in Edinburgh?

Numbers of procedures, working mainly with one consultant for a long time period. Good experience for family, 3 small kids in school.


Specific advice for prospective fellows:

Agreement beforehand on 6- or 12-months fellowship and possibility to stay in trauma or elective if preferred.


Where you are working now:

Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden



Trauma (everything except spine and foot), focus on upper extremity.


Would you be happy for prospective fellows to contact you for further info (if yes please state best email contact):